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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reading Schedule

Thursday, June 26, 2008 Posted by Unknown No comments
So I made a deal with myself to get edu-ma-cated this summer. I made a deal with myself that for every graphic novel or comic book series that I read, I will read one novel. So here it is...

Reading Schedule for the fall:
1. Y: The Last Man [completed]
2. Catcher in the Rye [completed]
3. Batman: The Long Halloween [completed]
4. Cat's Cradle
5. Persepolis
6. Lolita

So those are the books that I'm reading for this summer. Let's see if I can complete all of those by September 1st.

On to writing projects. Currently, I am juggling with three ideas right now. All of these are creator owned ideas that I (or a team and I) are working with right now. I'm trying to develop at least one really great one before July 25th and hopefully bring it to some portfolio reviews and see if I can possibly get a one shot issue or something (which would be INSANE).

1) Alix: Jenna, Mark, and I have been working on this bad little lady for a while now.
Premise: A 16 year old girl finds out that she has telekinesis and astral projection, but when she ventures outside of the Walls that protect her city from a virus that eliminated half the human race, she learns that she isn't as alone as she thought she was.

2) God Among Men: An idea that I worked on and submitted to Committed Comics, but I haven't heard anything back yet (=[). This would be the easiest to tweak with, but the eventual end point of the plot is pretty broad and a lot harder to pin down.
Premise: A 17 year old boy has lived his entire life being the pinnacle of student that every one compares to. He is the "be-more-like-him" guy, and he hates it. No one talks to him, and his only friend is a robot he created and his parents who love him. But now that he has created the first ever time machine, he's going to fast forward and start a future with a clean slate...or so he thinks.

3) The Brother's Batham: An idea that I had before I ever went to college, and something that I have just started writing. I think there is a lot of promise with it (especially since it has such a poignancy with today's world).
Premise: Office David Batham was murdered, and his two sons were never the same again. Michael (39) became a police officer just like his father to rid the world of the filth that roams the streets, but with the crime world gaining an upper hand on his city, he now has to turn to alternate means to get the job done--his brother. Robert (29) quickly learned that the ideals of his father and older brother were great on paper, but in the dark and twisted world that they lived in, they could never be executed. Now a killer that works for himself, Bobby Batham is single handedly taking down the underworld in ways that the other Batham men would never approve of.
But when Michael learns of a chance to take down the man at the top, he will have to make amends with his brother in order to cleanse the world of the evil that rules their city. And in order for Bobby to avenge the lives of his family, he will have to keep his sword sheathed in order to find out who hired the hit on the love of his life.