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Friday, June 6, 2008

Wanted: Artist that can meet a @#$%ing deadline!

Friday, June 06, 2008 Posted by Unknown No comments
Working on two projects right now. And of course since I am a "struggling comic book writer" that means I have drafted up scripts for two different stories, but neither or them have any hope in hitting the shelves because:
1)I have no publisher
2)I have no financial backing to self publish
3)One is a very short story (but there is hope for it to become something more...hmmm...we shall see where that leads us)
but most importantly...
4)I don't have an artist.

Deviantart helps out a lot with hunting down artists, and I have talked to a good amount of people. However, artists don't seem to understand what a deadline is. I understand that the ones I have contacted are all helping me out pro bono and for that I appreciate it, but if they want to see their artwork submitted to publisher's and put on store shelves, they're going to have to send me pages of art to approve.

Yet, I sit here typing with only one page of art by one artist, one artist who disappeared, one artist did not realize how exhausted he would be from the real world and so he cannot devote his time to drawing presently, and one artist who will (hopefully) have his stuff together by mid June.

I am praying that the last artist I have talked to can whip out some amazing stuff because I want this hunt to be over.

sigh...just another day trying to make it in the industry I suppose.