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Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Diego Comic Con 2008: Thursday

Thursday, July 24, 2008 Posted by Unknown , No comments
Today didn't go quite as expected. But here's a little play by play of what happened today:

2am: Woke up from my 20 minute nap, took a shower, woke up the rest of the family and prepared to head out. Unfortunately, we didn't leave at 2 because people took a while to get up/get packed/get ready, which resulted in us leaving about an hour later.

6am: I've been running on a 20 minute nap for the past four hours (I was up since 8am the day before), but I decided to take a nap since traffic seemed pretty poor and we weren't going to get to Chrissy's house as early as I had hoped.

9am: Finally got to Simi and for the first time since June 11th, I finally got to give Chrissy a real hug. It was pretty fantastic.

11am: Time to go to SD (or so I thought). Said my goodbyes to Chrissy and we went off on our SD journey. Little did we know, it wasn't going to be as easy (and speedy)as predicted.

1pm: Haven't really moved a whole lot on the rode, but my dad wants to visit a family friend that we've known for many years so we take a detour.

2pm: We visit our Aunt Elaine. Have a quick bite to eat. Chat for a bit, and after catching up, we head out yet again.

5pm: We have been stuck on the road for a good three hours now and we're getting closer and closer to the convention. I'm so excited, but at the same time, a bit peeved that we're so late.

6pm: My dad and I get our badges and head out for a quick tour around the floor. We head over to Mark Brooks's booth. He's busy signing prints for fans, but I see that Lisa is smiling and organizing the table so I decide to talk to his wife Lisa. I find out that Mr. Brooks's commission list is entirely full for the convention so I'm entirely out of luck. But it's all good. I'll go back tomorrow and get my Age of Apocalypse One shot signed and see if maybe Mark Brooks can give me a quickie sketch.

6:20pm: I head over to Amanda Conner's booth, and she's already busy sketching a Starfire piece for a fan. I talk to her a bit, and she signs my Justice Society of America #1 and I head over to J. Scott Campbell's booth to say hi, but like always, he's busy signing and getting ready to head off to somewhere else that needs him urgently. I decide that I'll go to his booth first thing in the morning and hopefully get the Jim and Pam sketch that I've been wanting since Wondercon '08.

6:50pm: I head over to a Starbucks for a some business stuff that I won't reveal until things are more final, but I'll just say that things are hopeful.

8:30pm: Sit down is done and I head back to the hotel to eat, shower, rest, and prepare for tomorrow.