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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SDCC is coming...insanity ensues

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 Posted by Unknown No comments
San Diego Comic Con is quickly approaching, which essentially means that Nerd Disneyland is coming for 4 days, and if you cannot attend, then you have seriously screwed yourself out of one of the most amazing, crowded, fantastic, sweat-filled events for this year.

However, if you missed your chance at buying a 4-day pass or a Sat. ticket (Saturday's are by far the most star-studded days for the convention), then I direct you to ebay.

This blew my mind. If you bought your ticket on time or even a few weeks/months late you could easily buy a 4-day pass for the convention for $75 (which is about the price equivalent of attending two days at regular price). However, if you didn't buy your tickets on time then apparently, you're going to get owned up the butt...hard.

The ticket that is going to be sold first on that list is going for about $200 (as of this blog entry)...insanity I tell you.

But for those of us that will be attending, I hope to see you there. The con is an amazing experience, and I will most certainly be blogging about it here the minute I get back from that tremendous test of stamina, strength, and will power.

Take care for now.