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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Secret Invasion #5: A Review

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Posted by Unknown , , , No comments

I just finished reading Secret Invasion #5, and I have to say it left me wanting so much more from the book.

Secret Invasion has been the book that I have been looking forward to every month, but this book left a really awkward taste in my mouth for a number of reasons. One, I know that Bendis is a phenomenal writer. I admire the man very much for his work on New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, House of M, etc. but book #5 of his most recent "big Marvel event" didn't progress the plot as much as say issue 2 or 4. For example, in the previous issue, we were introduced to Captain American and Thor appearing on the scene to help, which was the huge cliffhanger ending for that particular issue. That was a thumbs up moment. However, there is not a single appearance by our shield throwing or Mjolnir wielding amigos. That and the fact that the big ending of this issue was something that should have happened at most an issue ago, but now that we're on issue #5, it lost a lot of the "awesome" factor that it should have had.

You've probably noticed that I'm talking a lot about things that should have happened a few issues ago or things that should get here sooner, which is probably my biggest problem with what's going on right now [and what I've noticed a lot of other reviews are commenting on]--pace. Everything is moving at such a slow rate, which would be cool if this was a T.V show like Lost or a weekly book like 52, but this series doesn't have the release rate like those do. We have to wait a whole month before we get our next read, and with a printing schedule like that, I feel that Bendis needs to speed things along to grasp new readers and make it interesting for the dedicated fans because to be honest, if someone bought this off the rack to see what this big event is all about, they would be left wondering (and not in a good way).

But the book is definitely not an "EPIC FAIL". The art is great. Leinil and the whole art team make the book a really great and compelling visual piece, and even though the book is moving slowly, it does have that Bendis like feel in that when we get to issue #7 there will probably be a huge reveal/climactic battle that will make us forget about the glacial pace of the book. That is, if we can wait that long.