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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post #40: Updates in Life; Finishing of Books, Games, and Films; Closing of Summer

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My review of summer (not Mummy: Return of the Dragon Emperor)--> Thumbs up!

It's been a while since I've blogged, but I feel that today would be a decent time to post. Not a whole lot of updates concerning my own personal comic book writing adventures (although, I am waiting on some very important news that should appear sometime around the middle of September). But anywho, here's what's been going on in my life:

+ Summer is starting to near its close for me. I'm moving back to Davis on the 6th of September, which means I'll be returning to classrooms, textbooks, homework, and (god willing) a job. However, it isn't all bad going back to school. No more parents for 9 months. No more sitting around and doing nothing for days on end. No more sobriety. Plus, now the comic book shop is only a bike ride away, which means I'll be spending a lot of my CoHo money on the conclusion of Secret Invasion, the arrival of Blackest Night (the first DC event I plan on buying...I know, earth shattering and extremely late), Kevin Smith and Neil Gaiman Batman tales, and any other books that get better with time (I'm talking to you Ellis & Bianchi!).

+If you're keeping up with my reading list, then I just wanted to say that I have finished completing all of them (Lolita was tacked on there out of whim, but I had no intention of ever getting to it). So the first five books are all finished, and the knowledge within the pages are now locked away in my mind. I was not disappointed by any of them. I found a new favorite books (Y and Catcher), a new favorite series that I can't wait to finish completing (Strangers), and a really eye opening novel (Cat's Cradle-->Thanks for the push Adri). So All in all, a great reading list this summer, and I will most definitely be doing the same thing next year.

+I've played a few games this summer. I usually play a lot more, but games don't quite do it for me like when I was younger. Perhaps it's because I'm "getting older" (ha! yeah right), but I just don't have an urge to buy as many games I used to. But nonetheless, I did buy and play a few games this summer. A perfect game (MGS4), an old game I never gave a chance but now that I did I take back all the negative things I said about it (FFIX), a great game to play with the dudes (Super Smash Bros: Brawl), and a game that never seems to get old for me (WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw 2006). As a matter of fact, FFIX was the game that prevented me from finishing Cat's Cradle on time. Ha, a cat keeping me from reading about it's cradle.

+Watched a lot of movies and tv shows this summer. Here's a few of the ones that I remember:
TV Shows:
-How I met Your Mother
-Freaks and Geeks
-Justice League
-Off Centre

-27 Dresses
-Baby Mama
-Definitely, Maybe
-The Dark Knight
-Forgetting Sarah Marshall
-Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay
-Hellboy 2
-Into the Wild
-Made of Honor
-Pineapple Express
-Smart People
-Sweeney Todd
-Tropic Thunder
-Young People Fucking
-Sydney White

Some of them were really great, some mediocre, some pretty abysmal, but all a great way to waste time in the summer and update my pop culture knowledge! Plus, more stuff to use for allusions in writing as well as noticing nuances in dialogue.

+Have started listening to more music. Rob left some stuff on my PC so I started there, and I've slowly started adding more and more things into my iTunes. A few of the more notable bands/groups/singers that I've started listening to are: A Skylit Drive, Corinne Bailey Rae, Metal Gear Solid Sountracks (what?! they count!), Dashboard Confessional, Push Push Pull (go support my roommate!), and a few other singles here and there.

All in all it was a pretty great summer. Movies, music, tv shows, books, graphic novels, comics, Comic conventions, comic art, comic writing, comic RE-writing, and a ton of relaxing and chilling with friends. It was the first summer that I didn't have to go to Summer school, work, volunteer, study SATs, or any of that bullshit. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and for once, I felt free. And with that freedom, I was able to begin working on a few promising comic projects and make movements toward getting published for the first time.

Hope you guys keep reading during the school year.
And as always, take care.