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Friday, November 7, 2008

Friends: To the few close friends who read this.

Friday, November 07, 2008 Posted by Unknown 1 comment
In case you needed to know what I want for my birthday. I need more T-shirts. I wear a small. Medium is too big. An XS can sometimes fit but it starts to look like a muscle T [which would be cool if I had the right equipment i.e muscles].

Something from threadless, bustedtees, or one of those "trendy" online places.

Don't get me played out Super hero T's. I love super hero T's, but if you've seen people at American high, your college, or any main stream store like Steve and Barry's, Macy's, etc. Hot Topic works if it's a funny shirt.

Again, I always wear small. [that is, if you want me to wear the shirt outside and not just to bed.]

I forgot. If you really want to make me get you something baller for your birthday, get something from here:

or art from: Mike Choi, Mark Brooks, Jim Lee, Michael Lopez, J. Scott Campbell, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Amanda Conner, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Ale Garza, Oliver Nome, (the deceased) Michael Turner, etc.