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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life: The Pros and Cons of College

Saturday, January 31, 2009 Posted by Unknown 2 comments
I never really believed in college. I mean my Asian heritage tells me that college and higher learning is the only way to make a lot of money, and only by making a lot money, can you consider yourself successful or happy.

But I strongly disagree. I've always really disagreed with this philosophy because life is way too short. Especially after a little accident I had last week, I've really realized how short mortality is. You only have so many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years on this planet. You can either use some of the best years of your life on a book, or you go out and learn something. Go out and do something.

Now I'm not saying to throw away the college system because you do learn a lot in schooling after high school. I mean college has taught me some things that have really influenced my comic; however, I feel that some people get the message confused (professors included):

It isn't about learning as many things as you possibly can. No one is a human encyclopedia. Wikipedia exists already. We don't need a human version. What you need to learn is how to think. How to look at something and understand both sides of the argument. Only then can you learn more of the fundamental truth that lies at the core of your situation.

I feel that (especially in some of my Asian American Studies classes) people try to analyze things as black and white. What's right and wrong. But nothing works that way. Perhaps its because I want to write, but no one every really loves a character that is entirely good or entirely evil. It's those beautiful shades of gray that make a character interesting.


Kim said...'s unfortunate that Asian American studies classes (where critical thinking is supposed to be encouraged) tend to use dichotomies. I've only taken 2 ASA classes, but there has definitely been some perpetuation of "Us vs Them" goin' on. "Them" being the evil white man keeping us down, of course. It seems so damning... like we can't transcend past oppression or history and be strong Asian Americans. Whateva!

Melissa said...

Dad always said that most valuable thing in life is time.

Of course he told me this while I was meticulously taking my sweet time putting on my socks as a kid. I finally get it now. Hahaha.