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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Comics: Why I Love This Industry, A Reflection on Magneto's Testament

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 Posted by Unknown , , 3 comments
As Magneto's Testament comes to a close, I felt like it was necessary to at least write a little blog explainable why this series touched me in a such a powerful way.

In one of the few reviews I've ever did for this blog, I praised this series, but was a bit unsure where it would ultimately end up going. With a book focusing on a superhero and his back story, it could be a truly magnificent and integral back story that writers will continue to reference in the future or it could just be another back story that provides little to no substance to the character as whole.

Magneto's Testament was the former...and so much more. Not only did it capture the horror of the Holocaust, but--like any good fiction--it reflects on the current state of the world. A reoccurring line from the series is, "sometimes in this life, you get a moment...a time when everything lines up. When anything is possible...God help us if we take that moment. And God forgive us if we don't". In the context of the series, these words are a powerful reminder of the will of a human being. To revolt against a dominant influence that continually removes the rights away from another human being.

However, I felt that this was Greg Pak discussing his own story. It took him three years to get this story published, but in the political and social climate we live in--the economy is in the toilet, the attacks on Gaza are never ending, war is running rampant, and genocide is beginning to rear its ugly head again--I feel that this moment was Pak's chance. He released a book that shows the horrors that human beings can inflict on another, and with his closing words, Pak/Magneto pleads: "Don't let this ever happen again."

The comic book is considered a funny book. Throughout its history, writers and artists have continually showed that within 22 pages and well drawn art, extremely powerful and poignant literature can be born. I always say Maus, Watchmen, Blankets, and Sandman were the book that opened my eyes to what a comic book can really do.

I now have one more to add to the list.


Francisco José Teodósio said...
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Francisco José Teodósio said...

you nailed it there with the God quote and the last line of the testament.. even the most ruthless of men comes from humbling beginnings.. Mags, was a child who had to become a men, because of the tirany of evil men..

that's quite a leitmotif for everything he does afterwards..

btw.. cool blog.. i'm gonna quote you, hope it's fine by you ;)

Chris Tung said...

yeah man no problem at all. and thanks for liking the blog =D