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Monday, March 23, 2009

Comics: Updates

Monday, March 23, 2009 Posted by Unknown , , , 2 comments
Committed Comics:
Committed Comics will be exhibiting at the Emerald City Comic Con on the April 4th. If you are going to be in Seattle, please stop by the convention. And if you're going to the convention, please stop by the CC booth. They are nice people, and I'm pretty sure they won't bite (although I make no guarantees).

God Among Men:
Busy busy busy writing. If it weren't for the Coffee House, I would already be done.

San Diego Comic Con:
I have my pro badge confirmed and ready for pick up, and I officially have a hotel set up for San Diego Comic Con. So basically, I am ready to head on over there anytime now. Unfortunately, for those of you who do not have your ticket or badge, a number of problems arise.

1) Badges are quickly selling out, and if you really want to attend, you'll need to buy each day individually at this point. And if the constantly increasing Saturday bar is any hint of what's to come (it's been increasing about 2-5% everyday), you'll need to buy them as fast as you can before you're locked out entirely.

2) The official San Diego Comic Con hotels (the ones they put up each year that have a special rate just for the show) are sold out, which also means that every hotel within a 5 mile radius is being bought up for the dates of the convention. Get one quickly! or else stay with a friend in San Diego.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris: congrats on being a Pro this year. That's got to be a great feeling. Also, thanks for the San Diego tips. If I somehow manage a miracle and raise the funds, I'll take that into consideration.

I'm another Chris that's always wanted to be a comic book writer. Just discovered your blog by accident while searching for pics of Oliver Nome's work. Looking forward to catching up on it.

Chris Tung said...

Thanks a lot for the read :) If you do go to San Diego, I would definitely recommend a hotel outside of the downtown area because those will be a lot cheaper.

Hope you enjoy the blog.