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Friday, April 17, 2009

Conventions: San Diego Comic Con and Super-Con

Friday, April 17, 2009 Posted by Unknown , , , , No comments
San Diego Comic Con 2009:
In case you haven't been checking like a maniac like I have, Friday passes for the convention are at 92% as of this blog post. That means that probably sometime early next week. If you don't have a ticket for the 2nd best day of the convention, GO GET ONE RIGHT NOW!

Also, the convention was able to get some more hotels lined up to accommodate the growing size of the convention. Although they may be a few extra miles away, a place to stay is a place to stay.

SuperCon 2009:
Just to plug a smaller convention that I'll be attending in May, the San Jose Supercon has updated their website with a few new special guests the most notable ones being While Portacio (one of the 7 men behind a little brand called Image) and Humberto Ramos (an amazing stylized artist that has been tearing up pages at Marvel). The con is definitely a lot more intimate in nature with a guest list that pails in comparison to the 125k that attend San Diego, but if you want a chance to actually talk to say...Adam Hughes (who will be attending this year) without having a bunch of fan boys--and girls--crowding around you, then this is a great show to go to.