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Monday, October 12, 2009

Comics: Can Jeph Loeb Redeem Himself?

Monday, October 12, 2009 Posted by Unknown , , , No comments

Coming out of the Diamond Summit is some big news by the Marvel branch. More specifically, the Ultimates franchise is about to get a boost with two more books in a post-Ultimatum world. I don't know if you actually read Ultimatum, but it definitely wasn't on my pull list by the end of the series. In fact, it was arguably one of the worst books of the year. However, the conclusion of the series made some drastic changes in the Ultimate Universe: the decimation of the majority of mutants and the Ultimate X-Men franchise as well.

All that is about to change with Ultimate X, which, although is not being marketed as a new X-Men book, definitely is connected to that universe (points to the Sabretooth looking man on the promo art). Who is writing this? Jeph Loeb. Who wrote the awful Ultimatum? Jeph Loeb.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. Jeph is also creating a new branch of Ultimate Avengers in this universe: The New Ultimates. I don't mind that it isn't a very creative title because it allows the reader to associate one good thing (New Avengers) with a new product Marvel is trying to sell (New Ultimates).

The problem arises when the writer's of one series is not the same as the other. More importantly, when the writer of one series (Bendis on New Avengers) is considered one of the best comic scribes to date while the other (Loeb on New Ultimates) wrote two back-to-back disasters for the Ultimate Universe (Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum).

I've read Jeph's work, and I know that he is capable of some fantastic stuff (Long Halloween just to pick one out), but I am a bit worried that his legendary status is allowing him to ride on the coat tails of his fame and preventing him from writing the classic material he once did. I know for certain that if a lower level writer (hell, I'll name myself) wrote such poor characterization and plots with so much gore for the sake of gore, I would never work in the industry again.

All I'm saying is I'm a bit apprehensive about the success of these two books. I pray for the best (also I love Cho's art, but not even Cho can carry a book on his own)