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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life: Getting in the way of my passion

Thursday, February 18, 2010 Posted by Unknown , , , , No comments
I know I've been really bad at updating my blog recently so I'm going to give a really quick explanation why I basically fail:

A little more than a year ago I posted a blog about my new job prospects. I had just gotten a job at the Coffee House on campus and was super eager to get signed by an actual comic book company.

Fast forward to the present, and I got promoted to Supervisor at the Coffee House and my book is almost done being penciled. In that period of time though a lot has changed in regards to my passion in life: writing. The blog has slowly dwindled. From blogging at least 3 times a week, I know blog about once a month. What's worse than that is that I just have no time to write anything except papers for classes.

Another thing that is absolutely killing me is that my work and my school is getting in the way of reading comics. I know that comic books should be pretty low on the priority list, but for someone that runs a blog about comic books and wants to break into the industry, reading how other writers create is just as (if not more) important as going to my English classes and writing papers analyzing African American literature.

But why am I basically ranting about my lack of effort? Because I want that to make a change. I just about a new laptop courtesy of an awesome find on slickdeals, and I hope that I'll start reading, blogging, and writing like I used to because now instead of sleeping in class I can write!

Also some super quick movie reviews for movies I watched recently:
1) I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (The Tucker Max Story): 2,5/5
For what it wanted to be (a film about friends getting drunk and learning from life's lessons), it succeeds. For being a film with merit or impact to the "bro" genre, it fails. Like many movies that have come and gone, IHTSBIH will be forgotten by the masses after a couple of the drunken nights like the ones the movie shows. It will only be remembered as a super hyperbolized version of the man himself.

2) Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2/5)
Not as strong as some of the other direct-to-dvd animated films that DC has released. It's worth a rent, but there is nothing special about this one at all.

3) Extract (2/5)
I understand that Mike Judge directs films about ordinary people living in the suburbs and the growth or lack there of of the characters that exist in the boring suburb. He showed that average Joe's with decent pay checks but terrible work environments are ripe with material in Office Space; however, Extract lacks much of the humanity and charm that Office Space had. There's no red stapler, no crazy copy machine scene, and the moment where the main character reclaims his identity that is so awesome in Office Space falls flat in Extract.

4) Valentines Day (3/5)
A cute date movie with a lot of incredible actresses and actors. For me, it felt like a super version of what Love Actually was with negative results. Valentine's Day is loaded to the brim with celebrities, and what becomes a problem is that the characters seem to be fighting for screen time. Big names like Julia Roberts and Jaimie Foxx are placed next to small time actors and actresses like that Twilight guy (Taylor Lautner) and Jessica Alba. In the end, the movie is a mishmash of slice of life stories that could all be developed into feature length films but instead you're given an amalgamation of decent stories but nothing really pulls you in.