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Friday, March 26, 2010

Comics: Ultimate Spider-Man

Friday, March 26, 2010 Posted by Unknown , , , No comments

Just finished reading my copy of Ultimate Spider-Man #8, and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love what Bendis can do with a laptop and some creativity. The series flows like a traditional teen dramedy but with the perks of the superhero subplot, and I think calling the super hero element a "subplot" rather than the "main plot" is significant in describing Bendis's approach to the Web Slinger because the super hero nature of Spider-Man is only one of the many facets of the character. At the end of the day, he is just a teenager like many of the readers of the series, and he has the same problems as any other kid.

Yes, he can climb walls and shoot webs from his wrists, but Bendis doesn't approach these powers as naturally great things. Like any kid who has exceptional height people might call him a giant or awkward and then a trait that might have seemed great to someone as short as myself becomes more of a burden than anything else. By approaching powers as traits rather than the central drive of the character, Bendis makes Spider-Man and his friends relatable while allowing the escapist nature of a super hero comic to still play out.

Although this is the natural (or should be the natural) approach of any super hero writer, Bendis has a knack for writing to the audience. Parker, Storm, Stacy all of the cast really sound their age without sounding too cliche or as if Bendis was studying facebook lingo in order to write correctly. It all seems real, and in a super hero book, that's something to be applauded.