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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wondercon 2010: Where I'll be on Friday

Monday, March 29, 2010 Posted by Unknown , , No comments
12:15-1:30 WonderCon Talent Team-Up: "Speed-Dating" for Writers & Artists— Lee & Kirby. Claremont & Byrne. Loeb & Sale. Great comics happen when great writers come together with great artists. How will you find your perfect match? Where can you meet someone who will share your vision, your working style, and your commitment to publish? The WonderCon Talent Team-Up might be the place. You'll get to sit down with 10-15 potential new working partners, ask them questions, compare ideas, and possibly forge a working relationship that lasts for years to come. Bring business cards (if you have them) and samples of your writing or artwork to share. Both amateurs and professionals are welcome. Facilitator Douglas Neff, president of Toucan Learning Systems, will lead the session. He's been called the "Tony Robbins of Geeks" and will offer practical tips and strategies for maximizing your experience. Room 236/238

That is where I will be first thing on Friday once the convention opens. I'm working on a brand new super hero/anti-super hero idea that I'm thinking about self financing so if there are ANY artists that would prefer a page rate rather than a percentage of sales (which I've come to learn is many of you) please go to that panel and perhaps we can meet up and chat OR just message me via this blog.

Currently, I've mapped out almost all of my short run and my ideas if I get a long run, but for now, I'm on full script page 6 and it'll be ready by Wondercon. If you are interested in making a partnership like Loeb and Sale or Lee and Kirby, then please let me know via email or perhaps I'll see you at the meet and greet.