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Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Mutants #12: Review

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In my previous blog, my biggest issue with Uncanny X-Men #523 was that Dodson’s art wasn’t the most fitting for such a dark and violent piece of work. Although I love Dodson as an artist, the pencil and coloring of his panels felt like too much of a disconnect between the content and narrative.

New Mutants #12, on the other hand, is perfect in terms of art. I’ve never read a New Mutants book; therefore, I am extremely unfamiliar with Ibraim Roberson. But in twenty two pages, Roberson was able to get me on board with his vision of what Second Coming should look like. Wolverine, the New Mutants, Cyclops, etc. all look great and are neither too cartoony like Dodson or even too gritty like Finch. Roberson is a perfect fit for Second Coming, and I felt this perfection most when I saw his illustrations of Hope. She is always a huge problem because of her age (neither too young nor too old), but Roberson tackles her perfectly and the colorist Brian Reber makes her--and all the other characters--look just right. And the fact that the characters and events do look “just right” allows the violence and death to feel valid to the story but more importantly, the images fit the story as well forming a cohesive and powerful product.

In terms of writing, the issue as a whole is strong. There were certain plot moments that were built up just right, and the tension that Wells is attempting to create is pulled off very well, which is great because when the shit hit’s the fan, we aren’t too disappointed because of a lack of development or slow pacing. On the topic of pacing, Wells is able to juggle all of the characters and events without making these transitions too jarring for the reader. Moreover, with the introduction of Rogue and Danger and the confusing sleeping chamber of the old Hellfire Club members, Wells is able to create a bridge between his own self contained issue and the next.

New Mutants feels like Second Coming is actually going somewhere. Heroes and villains alike are injured, and this book helps solidify the selling point that Second Coming will be a reality altering event. Wells is able to make the reader understand what is really at stake in New Mutants #12 and is able to tease the reader of what is to come next week, which is all I can ask for from an X-Men event book (and is apparently, too much to ask for sometimes…). Finally, with an artist like Roberson illustrating the scenes, New Mutants #12 feels like the kind of action movie where the writer of the screenplay and the director of the movie share the same vision. It doesn’t change the X-Men universe just yet, but it was definitely a fun book to read that gets me excited for next week.

Also just to add, Adi Granov’s covers are amazing.