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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #523: A Review

Thursday, April 08, 2010 Posted by Unknown , , , , No comments

Second Coming, for me, has not disappointed. Although Uncanny X-Men #523 is only the second book in the series, it seems that the team of writers that are collectively ushering in the future of the X-Men franchise have clearly planned out what they want to do, and how they are going to do it. This seems rather obvious since these unique writers wouldn't just be writing amongst themselves, but Second Coming has been a joy to read because of its seamlessness. In the Utopia and Messiah Complex, the separate books--with unique writers and artists--felt jarring and felt like the different teams were trying to get different points across. Thankfully, Uncanny X-Men #523 shares in the same vision that X-Men: Second Coming #1 started.

The only disconnect that I felt was by the artist. I'm a huge fan of Finch and Dodson, but the two types of art are so different in terms of style and art that I felt that Uncanny X-Men #523 was a tamer version of Second Coming. Not to spoil too much, but a seen where blood and violence would be at the forefront in a Finch book, is toned down a bit because Dodson's art would seem too animated for such a gruesome act. This isn't so much a complaint with the book, but more of a complication of Marvel's choice to make events like this. I understand that Marvel will want to keep the same creative team especially if that creative team is what is selling the books, but with an event like Second Coming versus Siege or Blackest Night, the different artists some time have very different (sometimes positive and sometimes negative) effects on the series. In Uncanny X-Men, Dodson's art is a bit more animated but it also depicts Hope as if she IS a child which Finch's tight and realistic pencils can't seem to do. Thus, Uncanny X-Men, although very different from Second Coming #1, is still a beautifully drawn book that fits Fraction's script and the audience but personally, I find that there is a disconnect between the different artist approach.

All in all, I enjoyed Second Coming for what Fraction and Dodson bring to the event and moving the story along without this "bridge" issue feeling like a regular, dull issue that will lead to a bigger fight seen.