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Monday, April 19, 2010

Video Games: Ebert is Wrong

Monday, April 19, 2010 Posted by Unknown , , No comments
Dad is Dead: Rebutting Roger Ebert from IGN is one of the most thought provoking articles I have read all day (and I read articles for school ALL DAY).

Mike Thomsen approaches his topic of discussion--Ebert's assertion that video games cannot be art in this lifetime--from an analytical point of view, and does not resort to simple fanboy logic. Instead, he complicates Ebert's statements with examples from the history of gaming, and ultimately, resting on the statement that Ebert is wrong. Or rather, Ebert is ignorant for prejudging a medium without experiencing it first hand, and that his foolish statement has huge negative implications for the video game community because to assume that video games cannot be art is to also imply that those that create, review, and play video games are indulging in a fruitless activity.

If Ebert had played Heavy Rain, I'm almost certain he would be stunned at what a "video game" can really do.