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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goals: Here's the Plan

Thursday, June 24, 2010 Posted by Unknown 1 comment
Before the Marvel Internship, before Committed Comics, before this blog, before college, I started out as a kid with a dream. It was an impossible dream--I want to write comic books--but as a naive kid, and I guess a naive adult, I believed that it would all work out someday. And as I grew older, I made up some goals for myself that I hoped to fulfill before I died. I never really shared them with anyone outside of my immediate family because they were all pretty ridiculous at the time, but now sitting in an apartment in NYC and getting ready to go to bed because I have work at Marvel Comics in the morning, perhaps it's time to share those dreams to maybe inspire others to follow their heart.

So here's the plan that I came up with sometime around the 11th grade:
-Go to college [completed]
-Get an internship at a comic book company [skipped]
-Get an internship at Marvel Comics [completed]
-Start practicing writing comics [completed]
-Get an idea picked up by a comic book publisher [completed]
-Get published [incomplete]
-Graduate college and get a degree as close as I can to "Comic book studies" as possible. [incomplete]
-Get a job working with comics either writing, editing, mailroom, whatever [incomplete]
-Get an Eisner in any shape or form [incomplete]
-Get an Oscar or Golden Globe in any shape or form [incomplete]

So there's a lot of stuff left to do, but I'm proud enough to say that I've done more than I ever thought I could. And the reason why I believe I have made it this far is because I worked at it and I tried where others gave up. My dad told me [and still tells me] that there's only one Michael Jordan. And every time he tells me that I remind myself that before Michael Jordan there were other greats that he was compared to, but Jordan put the time, work, and dedication where others chose not to out of fear of failing or falling short.

So I might not be able to get that Oscar any time soon, and to be honest, it's a huge long shot to even be considered for one. However, only a couple of years ago, I felt the same way about getting an internship at Marvel and now I'm here. So if there's anything I want the reader--yes, YOU!--to get from this post is that in order to make your dreams become a reality you must do what others before you have failed to do--TRY!


Kelsey said...

Nicely said Chris. Congratulations!