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Saturday, July 10, 2010

New York: What I've been up to

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I know I've been pretty lax about updating the blog. Normally, I would blame laziness or being too preoccupied, but this time it's actually my computer that is preventing me from blogging. As of right now, I have a corrupted hard drive and cannot boot Windows 7. I am running Ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition from an external DVD drive I bought at the Midtown Best Buy (really great store). I'm waiting on a package from my uncle any day now, which will include a bunch of stuff from a Windows Repair CD to a fully functional Windows 7 Home Premium DVD. So once that gets in, hopefully I can repair my netbook and get back to movies, writing, and blogging.

For now, here's some updates about the internship/life in NYC:
-A lot of really interesting people come in and out of the Marvel office. I always figured big name talent like Brubaker, Bendis, and Fraction would stop by to drop off scripts or hang out (which they did), but last Friday, the Old Spice Guy--Isaiah Mustafa--dropped by for a visit. Apparently, everybody loves comics.

-In terms of work, the internship has been great. I've gotten to: balloon a lot of books, formatted scripts, did some art comparison stuff, and get references. Some cool things I've gotten to do were write recap pages for Deadpool #25 and Wolverine Origins #50. In case you were wondering, a recap page is basically the introduction to the story you're about to read. A sort of "Previously in ________" type of page. So it'll be really cool when those books come out and have some of my own writing in a Marvel comic (although you probably won't see my name in it).

-I also just want to say how fortunate I am to be working at the X-Office. All of the editors are really great people and have given me a lot of opportunity to explore the insides of how a comic book is made. As people, they really inspire me to continue what I'm doing because I know a lot of them at some point in time were interns and have made their way to where they are now. And listening to Nick Lowe's story about going from college to editing 1602 with Neil Gaiman to where he is now is a pretty great journey and something I hope to replicate in the very near future.

-Getting to read a lot of scripts from all forms of writers (novelists, television/film writers, comic writers, etc) definitely has taught me a lot about what fields of work excel at what, and also that even if you are a fantastic writer you still need a little bit of help. I always thought that when a book came out it was the writer that came up with the entire process, but seeing the editors work has really showed me that it is a very complicated process and sometimes the "super star" artist or writer that the consumer sees is only seen that way because of the amount of effort that the editors put in. Often times, the editors are forgotten during the praises from fans, but I just want to give a shout out to every editor out there because that job isn't easy and you get very few fans compared to the "talent".

-NYC is expensive. Period. But getting TONS of free comics helps. I think I've spent about 20% of what I would normally spend on comics during my time here. And I've also gotten bout 10x more than what I would normally get.

-If you haven't been to Zaitzeff, go...NOW! Their sweet potato fries are insanely good.

-I've been trying to be better about reading. A while back, I came up with a reading schedule to apply myself. Didn't finish all of them, but I did a lot of it. And when I heard that Jeanine planned to read 30 books every year, I felt inspired to start up a reading list yet again.
So this summer I have planned: The Dark Knight Returns, Ultimates Vol. 1 and 2, The Fountainhead, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and 1984. So far I've finished TDKR and Ultimates Vol. 1. The Fountainhead is HUGE and I'm currently on page 300. If I had started with Dorian Gray or '84, I'd be able to cross another one of but of course I had to start with the monster first. Hopefully, I can get all of these done before school starts because I probably won't have time to read anything else once Senior year starts.