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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Internship: Reflection

Saturday, August 28, 2010 Posted by Unknown , , No comments
The internship has come to its inevitable close, and I had some free time on the ride home so I figured that I would type up my reflection on the experience. Some of the obvious questions that “2 years ago me” would want to know was what it all worth it, and that’ll be the first question I answer.

In short, yes. It was a thrill to work with some of the most influential people in comics today. And you might be thinking “well editing isn’t as cool as working with the writers or artists”, but you actually DO get to work with the creative individuals. However, it’s also important that we don’t short change the entire comics making process. Everything from art returns, finance, bullpen, editorial, and beyond play a crucial role in the comic book you are holding so next time you think that it’s JUST Marjorie Liu and Dan Way that made that awesome new Wolverine book I would hope that you could also remember Nick Lowe, Axel Alonso, Jody Leheup, and Jeanine Schaefer that put a lot of editorial work to make it feel, look, and sound like the Wolverine books you’ve come to love. Not just the editorial staff, but so much work is put in by the bullpen and proofreading (shout to the sweetest lady in comics and Stan Lee’s former assistant—Flo Steinberg!) that by the end of it all the “creative team” that are the superstars have quite a few helping hands to get the book out on to newsstands. And connecting this all to the internship, I never knew ANY of this stuff. And the fact that I had the chance to work with all of these awesome people so close and learn how to write, edit, and make comics better is something that was well worth the NYC expenses.

Another thing that I loved about the internship was the fact that you got to see so many things before they ever made it to the newsstands. One thing that I can now talk about is I did the lettering placements for Deadpool Team-Up #898, which was a dream for me because I’m a huge Micah Gunnell fan. Ballooning over his pencils was a great experience and I got to read the story and see the art before most readers, which, for any comic book reader, is awesome because you get to see exclusive stuff before anyone else. Also, writing recap pages was such a HUGE deal for me. I figure that I wouldn’t be able to write anything for a Marvel comic, but Jody Leheup gave me a shot at writing a couple of them and I’ll be eternally grateful for that chance. But, some of my recaps definitely sucked and Jody showed me how to do it better but some remain very close to what I submitted so not only do I have my own writing in a Marvel comic, but I received valuable experience about how to be more engaging in less words (although this blog post is not displaying that new found skill at all).

In the end, it was all worth it. I had to leave a lot of my friends and a job that paid me real money for a chance at fulfilling a childhood dream of mine, and if my blog shows anything about me, it’s that I believe in jumping when you might not know if there’s a net to catch you. It’s a dangerous belief for sure, but sometimes, as Neil Gaiman put it in Sandman, sometimes when you fall you fly.

I thank Jody, Daniel, and Sebastian for picking me as their intern and giving me a chance to prove that I can fly, and in one year’s time, I’ll hopefully by flying back on over to Marvel.