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Saturday, March 19, 2011

MVC3: How to Beat Sentinel

Saturday, March 19, 2011 Posted by Unknown , , , No comments
Although my blog is mostly geared toward comics, films, and writing, I'm also a huge video game player. In particular, fighting games are my thing. There's something about the rush of depleting another player's health bar to zero that I can't really get from anything else. And now that there's in game voice chat, I can hear players whine in anguish as I crush them in my hand (I'll get to why this is important later).

The game I've been playing most recently is Marvel vs Capcom 3. My team consists of Sentinel, Ryu, and X-23 because I need a heavy tank, an average ranger, and I have to represent the X-Office the only way I know how--with Laura Kinney as my anchor. The problem I've been facing online from the whiney voice chat players I mentioned above is that my Sentinel is "too cheap". I can see understand why they might think that. After all, Bolivar Trasks's greatest invention has a crap-ton of health, huge damage potential, and I'm also pretty great at playing with him.

But is he cheap? My answer is "no". Because the old tin can isn't any cheaper than someone who uses Akuma's infinite combo or Amaterasu's 100% damage combo as a tool in their fight book. Capcom has all of these moves set up in the game and players manipulate them how they will. It's our jobs as players to be better than our opponents. If you know the set up for Akuma's infinite, don't get caught. If you know Sentinel can kick the crap out of you in a close range fight, know when to dash in and punish. And if you still feel the need to complain about how Sentinel is impossible to beat, please watch this educational video. It is both informative and hilarious: