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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Movie: Strangers, Again

Saturday, April 23, 2011 Posted by Unknown 4 comments

When it comes to writing, directing, drawing, any expression of the human condition, it's important that we present our findings in the most honest way possible. Often times, that requires the individuals producing the piece to reveal more of themselves in a particular work in order to illustrate to the audience the gravity of their work. If done correctly, the audience can connect their own lives to what they see on the screen/canvas/pages and the piece does its job.

In Strangers, Again, I would say that WongFu productions does this in superb fashion. The breakdown of a relationship into stages--although common--is just so faithful to real life moments that you can't help but wonder how much of this is "fiction" and how much is real life events from Philip Wang (the writer and director). My only major problem was the jump in endings. I felt that they probably should have done one big cut revealing the possibility of the break up and then jumping back to Stage 4 where they discuss the two options in any relationship: breaking up or marriage. However, this is only a small problem in the film because, like any relationship, it isn't about the ending. Rather, it's about all the little steps and moments that get you to where we ultimately end up. And Strangers, Again captures those moments--the laughs and the tears--as honestly as possible.


Charmante said...

Wong Fu Productions has matured so much in terms of style, but I think Yellow Fever remains my favourite! Never fails to make me giggle at least.

Chris Tung said...

@Charmante Yellow fever is definitely an amazing short, but Stranger's, Again touched my heart. Btw, thanks for the comment. Good to know I have readers!

Charmante said...

I think the reason I have not watched this one is because it will touch my heart a little too much ;)

Chris Tung said...

@Charmante I hope you watch it! It definitely hits close to home, but that notion of holding onto hope and living in the moment is a great them that everyone needs to hear once in a while.