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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New York: I Found My Heart In Brooklyn

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Found this while walking around my neighborhood. I think it adequately sums up my NY experience right now

I've been in New York for about a month and a half now, and I am loving it. It really is a phenomenal city, and after you do away with all the touristy nonsense, you're left with one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world. With that, walking from somewhere like Spring St. all the way up to Columbus Circle is almost like walking past 3 or 4 different cities. Needless to say, it is a lot of fun.


Along with the Chinese place downstairs that I frequently get dinner from (it's $5.25 for a ridiculous amount of Kung Pao chicken), I've been eating and drinking at new places all over the city to find out what places I love the most. Here's a list of the best I've had and why:
-Eileen's Cheesecake: I wish I took a picture, but I devoured my cheesecake in about a minute and a half. It was the lightest, most delicious piece of cheesecake I've ever had. The prices are pretty fair, but the taste was like no other.

-Won Jo: This restaurant in Koreatown had some delicious side dishes [the ones in the above photo]. I ended up getting the Bulgogi Gobdol Bibim Bop, which is sliced rib-eye over rice and vegetables. It looked like:

It was delicious. It wasn't the most amazing Korean food I've ever had, but it filled the order since I've been craving some real Korean food ever since I had bulgoki prepared by my friend's mother.

-Shanghai Cafe: No picture, but their Xiao Long Bao was amazing. They hand roll their dough so for $4.95 they give you about 8 surprisingly large Baos filled with pork and a soup base. Although their health rating was a "C", my Taiwanese friend and I agreed that Chinese restaurants rarely care about their health rating. As long as the food is good, people will keep coming, and Shanghai Cafe, on food quality alone, will not be going out of business any time soon.

Miscellaneous Photos and Thoughts

This is my stop. About 40 minutes from Manhattan, but it's cheap, quiet, and safe.

This was taken at about 5:15AM on a Saturday. It was still 92 degrees in my room, and I couldn't sleep. The sun was just about to rise so I walked out to the balcony and snapped this picture.

While unemployed, I figured it was time to finally read the Harry Potter series. I wasn't allowed to read them because my terrible elementary school, Fremont Christian, believed that magic was from the devil, which meant Harry Potter was a devil spawn. By the time I could read them, I was in high school, and I was more focused on video games than reading. Now, at the ripe age of 21, I'm finally understanding why the books are so much better than the films, and more importantly, why institutions like Fremont Christian--who promote prejudice, surface evaluations, and fear propaganda--are terrible and need to be removed.