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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confirmation: I Live with a Girl

Saturday, September 24, 2011 Posted by Unknown , 3 comments

I love my roommates, and I'm so glad that I'm able to live with Megan--a friend from college who I know has goals and dreams and won't leech up all the electricity and not be able to afford it. It's a really great situation.

Except for when we're getting ready to go out.

Up until this point, I thought, "Wow! Living with Megan is great. There's not a single problem in the world!" And then the below conversation happen, and my epiphany plowed me over like a truck: I live with a girl!


Me: So, I told Abbee we would be at her place at 9.
Her:Oh..I thought you said we were leaving at 9. I have to shower.
Me: Whoops. My bad. ^^;; oh well then we can leave whenever you’re ready.

(Author’s note) This is where I made my mistake. (/Author’s note)

Her: I’ll just leave with my hair wet.
Me: Okay, sounds good.


Her: I’m going to straighten my hair.
Me: It’s cool. We’ll just leave a bit late. Maybe get there at 9:10, 9:15.


Me: It’s nine o clock.
Her: My hair is only this much done [shows me a complete mess].
Me: Is that good?
Her: It’s like…half way.


Me: Yo. It’s 9:10
Her: I only have a little bit left! [shows me a more manageable mess and walks back toward the bathroom] I also have to put on make up.
Me: [Insert audible grumble]
Her: I’m going as fast as I can! I have a lot of f—-ing hair!


Me: [walks into her room and sees her putting on socks] Is this a good sign?! Are you almost ready to go?
Her: [venom-filled eye stare]


[we leave]


Melissa said...

This is new to you?

Boyfriends have notoriously lied to me as to our departure time just because I take that long.

You're a big boy now. Dealing with girls who get pretty and shit.

Copyboy said...

Hope you achieve your goal. Made you new blog of the day. And love your daily routine.

Chris Tung said...

@Copyboy Thanks for the support!