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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

4 Posts To Help You Prepare For An Awesome 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 Posted by Unknown , , 1 comment
This past year, I've written quite a few posts ranging from career and financial advice to recent job postings. Rather than have you sift through them all, I wanted to grab four popular posts about working in comics, personal finance, salary and job negotiations, and job interviews that you might not have read that you really should!

As you get dressed to go out tonight for New Years Eve or you need something to read while you're hungover New Years morning, here's 4 important posts to study up on if you want to kick 2015's butt.

1. If you ever dreamed about working in comics, make sure you read this post & watch this documentary

Don't know what it's like working in comics? Read this and find out!

2. If you think you're bad with your personal finance, here's how you can get on the right track

Help yourself and learn about investing in 2015
 3. If you need help negotiating your salary, check out this three-part series so you don't get taken advantage of by a new employer

Salary negotiation is a little bit more complicated...
4. Finally, if you can only read one thing, read this post about one tip to stand out in a job interview
This is assuming you've already been picked of course...

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My new job is starting from next week and the links you posted are really helpful. please wish me luck and pray that i get successful and ease all my work at new workplace.